10 Tips To Get Rid Of A Wine Hangover

Top 10 tips to get rid of wine hangover

Too much of Wine? Never! (Just kidding.)
What you need to take for a hangover? How to cure a hangover in 10 minutes? Small tricks for hangover?
Those are just some of the most popular questions people are Googling after they get hit by hangover and their world starts to roll.
But that’s why we are here to help you with your hangover.

Since the scientists have not yet discovered the nature of the nightmare (hangover), they still do not have a magic drink to cure it, but they have a scientific background for approving or rejecting some tempted recipes for ‘morning after’

Of course, we know that hangover causes excessive alcohol consumption, which in the new year’s night is overwhelming and more prudent consumers, but the mechanisms of its origin, and thus the remedy for its elimination, are still unknown.

What is certain to alleviate is that the theory is ‘better prevented than treated’, and this does not necessarily mean abstinence in a New Year’s night or at the party night. With reasonable enjoyment of alcohol and some tricks, you can greatly facilitate the morning afterward. If you do, however, there are ways to alleviate some of the symptoms of this unpleasant occurrence.

Water Hangover Cure

Water, water and a little bit more water.

Unless you do not want to ‘caculate’, the rule is not to mix drinks, but breaching this rule could help alleviate your hangover. It does not mean that you should make a brandy with beer, but if you drink a lot of with alcohol you choose to drink, you will be happier in the morning.

Alcohol is a diuretic and can cause dehydration whose symptoms are similar to the symptoms of a hangover, but dehydration is not the only cause. Drinking water in the morning will help your dehydrated body, but the effect of drinking water with alcohol is far greater because, besides replacing the lost liquid, the water slows the absorption of alcohol and thereby reduces its blood concentration.

If you do not sleep in the wetsuit with a toilet bowl, drink plenty of water before bedtime, and make sure that you get water in the morning just after you wake up.

Chinese studies about hangover

Chinese studies about hangover

Although scientific studies have not shown that vitamins help with a hangover, as well as that one night on the bar reduces their presence in the body to a worrying level, some recommend that besides water you drink, drink fruit juice, the one you squeeze yourself without adding sugar. Interestingly, one study by Chinese scientists, in which 57 drinks ranged from herbs to carbonates, showed that the best lemon and lime drink with sugar supplement was the best thing for a hangover. Some also swear in tomato juice.

One study has shown that drinking tomato juice accelerates nausea for almost an hour in relation to drinking water. The only problem you have to drink with alcohol (five times the amount). The participants in the study, drinking tomatoes instead of drinking water, also had three times lower levels of alcohol in the blood.

Fat bites cure for hangover

Fat bites

Many people are looking for fatty food that would, as you believe, need to drink alcohol and alleviate the symptoms, but the alcohol that causes you hangover is already absorbed into your blood and fat in the stomach will not pull it back. However, fatty snails can be useful in hangover, but only if they are paralyzed with alcohol, which, just like water, will slow down the absorption. Consuming food while drinking reduces alcohol concentration in the blood by about one third.

Toast and crackers cure for hangover

Toast and Crackers

The first aid in intestinal viruses, when you can not keep any food from you, will also help if you are overcharging the toilet bowl through your mouth due to excessive alcohol consumption. You may not be able to reduce your nausea, but you will raise a low blood sugar level that makes you feel irritable and tired. Under normal circumstances, your blood sugar level will regulate your liver by producing glucose from stored carbohydrates, but your liver is working full steam on alcohol degradation and is not able to produce glucose.

Barbary fig cure for hangover

Barbary fig

Symptoms of hangover may be half as soft as this healing cactus fruit, but to work, barbary fig, or extract derived from its crust, you need to take a few hours before you start drinking alcohol. To alleviate the symptoms of a hangover, the protein is extracted from that extract, but how it works, scientists have not yet discovered.

Hangover - Cigarette and Alcohol

Cigarette and Alcohol

Drinking alcohol and smoking go with each other, so it’s not uncommon for a cigarette to happen and to a fake non-smoker. But there is certainly a good reason to combine these unhealthy habits to the smallest possible extent. Alcohol and nicotine are not the best friends of your dreams. That will make a hangover even more unbearable.

Hangover- Fight fire with fire

Fight fire with fire? Or rather not.

The tried-and-tested method of ‘fight fire with fire’ works really well, but it is not recommended because the action of the short-lived and does not deal with the cowardice already only delayed it. Alcohol blocks the stimulant neurotransmitter glutamate that the brain begins to gain stronger. Increased glutamate concentrations, when alcohol stops acting, causing hangover symptoms, and new alcohol intake by blocking glutamate will ease temporarily hangover. But at some point, you will have to leave the cups and face with a hangover.

Energy drinks - Cure for hangover

Replacing lost electrolytes

With increased urination due to the diuretic effect of alcohol, the body will lose some electrolyte, but these are not such quantities that should be immediately replaced. Some US research has shown that the moody effect of sporty drinks rich in electrolytes is no bigger than the effect of drinking water with a little bit of salt.

Tea Cure for Hangover

Replace coffee with tea

Coffee also helps us with fatigue and headaches, but as the cause of the hangover is largely dehydrated, caffeine, which is just like alcohol diuretic, is not the best solution. Sweetened ginger honey with honey and a couple of lemon and orange drops will be more useful in fighting headaches.

Headache Relievers Cure for Hangover

Headache relievers? Yes but very careful.

Pain relievers will help you with headaches, but avoid those based on paracetamol. Perhaps some scientific theories do not make you logical or your previous experience denying them. However, while the worst thing to do with a “fight fire with fire” method may be delaying hangover, ignoring this warning could seriously damage your alcohol-depleted liver’s slump. Therefore, take aspirin + C or ibuprofen better, but also be careful here and take moderate doses, as too much of it can cause nervousness in your stomach, which also suffers from a nightmare.

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