101 DIY Wine Cork Crafts Ideas

Top 101 DIY Wine Cork Craft Ideas that you can do with your family or by yourself. Collection of one the most beautiful and creative DIY Wine Cork Projects.

Most popular DIY Wine Cork Craft is: Dartboard (Backboard)

Dartboards (Backboards) made out of Wine Corks are quite popular and viral in those winter days.
And by that, I will try to explain to you how you can build one for yourself.

The first thing that you need is 1/4 inch pine board cut down 30 x 36-inch rectangle.
Then cut down 3/4 inch pine wood for back “frame” that is 1.5 inch wide to fit the size of the base.
You can cut the ends by 45 degrees, so once they meet each other it will look like a designed frame.
Before gluing, make sure that everything fits perfectly.
Once you check everything, you can glue your frame to the back of your rectangle.
Next thing you need to check and measure what is the center of the rectangle and board.
After you define where you center is, place real dartboard on your pinewood rectangle.
Now you need to turn on your right side of brain, turn on your creativity.
Start thinking about end product and how you would like to place wine corks on the board.
Horizontal, vertical, angle…
Start gluing wine corks to the board.
You can start outside in, from frame to the center or inside out start around your dartboard and glue wine corks till you reach frame on each side.
Also, make sure you will need around 400 wine corks for this project.
Here is the link where I bought wine corks for my project:

Also here is the dartboard that I’ve also bought on amazon.

And all you need to do now is to add the mount to the back of the base so you can hang up your project.
I’m using the actual attachment that was provided with this dartboard.
You are probably wondering where is the part with fixing dartboard?
Well, here it is.
Before next step make sure that every glued wine cork is fixed and dried.
I will actually lay down some velcro straps glue one side to the base and glue the other side to the dartboard so that this adds some more stability for the dartboards sticking to the base.

This will also allow you to replace this dartboard down the line after a lot of use.
Make sure you wipe away any excess glue underneath the velcro so that the dartboard doesn’t actually stick to the base.
Now just lay some weight on the top of the dartboard so it’s flush against the base.
Once you are ready, you need to make sure that you are hanging this on a stud inside of your wall.
And you are done!
Congrats, you just made your Backboard from Wine Corks.

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