What is sparkling Pinot Noir, and how it’s made?

Pouring Sparkling Pinot Noir

What is sparkling Pinot Noir? There are two kinds of “Sparkling Pinot Noir.” The first is a Sparkling Wine or Champagne called “Blanc des Noirs,” which is made by pushing just-picked Pinot Noir grapes and maintaining them from skin contact. Practically all red wines and red grapes possess white fruit juice. So by that means […]

Best Wine Slushies recipe for summer days

Best Wine Slushies with Many Fruits Recipe

If you ever wonder how to make Wine slushies in an easy way, then this is post for you. We will show you how to easily make Wine slushies from Strawberries and Peaches. My family loves to make BBQ in summer and this slush recipe is favorite for all members. Even neighbors told it’s most […]

101 DIY Wine Cork Crafts Ideas

Top 101 DIY Wine Cork Craft Ideas that you can do with your family or by yourself. Collection of one the most beautiful and creative DIY Wine Cork Projects. Most popular DIY Wine Cork Craft is: Dartboard (Backboard) Dartboards (Backboards) made out of Wine Corks are quite popular and viral in those winter days.And by […]